Our sole purpose is to add a SMILE to as many deployed soldiers and veterans as possible.

About Us

The North Texas Stockings for Soldiers Campaign was created in 2011 after a long sleepless night where I had just received word that my youngest son, who was deployed at the time and on his way home, was given new orders for an immediate return for another full deployment. I started thinking The average age of a soldier’s first deployment is 19 years old. While it’s hard on our troops to be away from home at any time, it’s extremely hard on them during the holiday season. And it is equally hard on our veterans at the VA hospitals and centers during this time of year. That is when I decided to create a way to send a little love from home to the ones sacrificing it all for our country.

With the help of a handful of friends, local businesses, and a ton of total strangers, we were able to collect enough items to stuff 660 stockings that year. That small handful of friends gathered at our house working in the garage around four card tables. It has grown every year since then. To date, we have stuffed over nineteen thousand Christmas stockings that have been shipped to over nine different countries and hand delivered to the Bonham VA hospital, nursing center, and addiction center, the Dallas VA hospital, as well as the Liberty House Veteran homeless shelter in Ft Worth.

With the help of caring people like you, we will continue to provide a stocking not only stuffed with goodies for our deployed troops and veterans at home, but more importantly filled with love and support. Being able to personally hand a veteran a Christmas stocking and say “thank you for your service” and see their eyes light up with joy will melt your heart.

Our sole purpose is to add a SMILE to as many deployed soldiers and veterans as possible.

Bobby Travis
Founder, North Texas Stockings for Soldiers Campaign

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